Since 2013, Judeng has been manufacturing led pool lights for more than 9 years, we do the assembling in our own factory and the led pool lights are exported to many different countries around the world.

During this period, we have so many satisfied customers, they keep buying from us for years and they are happy to make money from our Judeng’s led pool lights. Some customers suffered a lot the led pool lights failure when buying from other suppliers, then after meeting Judeng, we make them headache free with the stable quality led pool lights.

Why does Judeng have confidence with the led pool lights quality? What are the main differences that make Judeng’s swimming pool lights stand out among competitors? Below are some core factors:

  1. LED Pool Lights Housing Material is high-quality

We use new and anti-corrosion PC material for the pool light housing, making the lamp looks good and won’t turn to be yellow after a certain period of use.

Here is a story, one of our customers found the PC cover of the pool lights became super yellow (bought from another supplier)when they took out the lamp from warehouse, those lamps are new without any use but they turned yellow already, that’s really bad for the sales.

It won’t happen to our led pool lights, some customers take our lamps out from the pool which worked for more than 3 years, and its PC cover is still transparent, not any yellow found. Below you can see the comparison:

swimming pool light PC cover comparision

  1. Good production techniques to ensure IP68, no water goes inside.

We make resin filled in every point of the electrical parts to make sure no water can go inside to damage the lamps. Resin is used for the wire-in, driver, PCB board, etc.

The quality of the resin glue is very important. We use the top glue brand in China, it has very good adhesion, non-toxic to the LEDs, anti-reduction to make sure no liquid is converted from the air, due to protects the electrical parts from damage.

Another important process is our testing part. We make all the lamps tested underwater before the package. For every order, we take 10% out of the total quantity and do pressure testing under 15 meters of water depth(testing machine to simulate.

All these tests can ensure every led pool light is in good IP68 waterproof condition before sending it out.

best led pool lights supplier

    3. Self-developed driver solution to offer universal AC/DC12V-24V

All our led pool lights (above 9w) are available for universal AC/DC12V-24V, which means the lamp can be connected to the input voltage AC12V, AC24V, DC12V, and DC24V.

It is really very convenient for old swimming pool lights replacement as the electricians do not need to worry about the input voltage AC or DC, our lamps are suitable for both.

However, for RGB pool lights, we still suggest making only one input voltage, AC12V or AC24V.

  1. RGB pool lights remote control distance 20 meters or more, with memory function.

We ensure the high quality of remote controllers for RGB pool lights as well. Many remotes sold in the market are only available for 10 meters control distance, some are even 4-5 meters only. It will make the people have to walk close to the pool lights before using the remote controller to set any modes. It takes time and the user experience is bad. Our remote can ensure a control distance of more than 20 meters.

What’s more, all our remote enable memory function to the lamps. It means when you set the lamps in one certain mode, the next day when the lamp is turned on, it will keep this last set mode. So people don’t need to do the setting every day for their most like mode. Just set it once, the lamp will keep it in default mode all the time.

There are more details for us to produce the led pool lights with stable high quality if you’re interested to learn more from us, welcome to contact us.