Judeng Outdoor Lighting

Judeng Lighting was established in 2011 and focuses on the development & production of various kinds of outdoor lighting products. Stable Quality & professional support are always our promises to our customers all over the world. To get a headache-free importing experience from an outdoor lighting supplier in China, we can be your best choice.

Judeng Outdoor Lighting Factory
Judeng Outdoor Lighting Workshop

Judeng Outdoor Lighting Factory

Under the rules of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, Judeng Lighting has 15 assembling lines, 5 aging test lines, 3 waterproof gluing lines,  with more than 130 experienced workers. Our QC team inspects the production processes from raw materials, production details, and finished products as well. We ensure the stable quality of every outdoor lighting we produce in the factory.

Judeng Outdoor Lighting Testing Equipment

Judeng Lighting has professional testing equipment to do relevant testing to all our outdoor lighting manufactured in our workshop. We strictly follow quality standard rules of different markets like South America, the Middle East, East-South Asia, etc. We have an IP65 waterproof tester, a high-temperature oven, a Photoelectric parameter tester, a constant temperature & humidity tester, etc.

Judeng Outdoor Lighting Testing Room
outdoor lights assembling

Judeng Outdoor Lighting Assembling

Judeng Lighting has a professional & experienced team to assemble a full range of led outdoor lighting, we take care of every production process to make sure the outdoor lights work well outdoor with stable waterproof function. Every outdoor light is inspected during & after production to ensure stable quality, being your reliable outdoor lighting supplier is always our goal.

Judeng Owner Says

“Always be an honest supplier to our customers, always be an honest customer to our suppliers, always be an honest employer to all our employees. Honesty is fundamental to a long-term business.

We don’t care how long it takes for new cooperation to start, but we do care how long the cooperation can last.”

Judeng Lighting CEO says



FAQ – More About Judeng Lighting

Is Judeng Lighting a real factory to produce outdoor lights?2021-09-13T15:04:50+08:00

Yes, Judeng Lighting is a 100% real factory and has workshops to produce different kinds of outdoor lights.

Do you ship outdoor lights internationally?2021-09-13T15:09:24+08:00

Yes, 90% of the outdoor lights produced by Judeng Lighting are exported to different countries. We have a professional international sales team to provide technical support and solve shipment issues.

Where is Judeng Lighting company located?2021-09-13T15:05:44+08:00

Judeng Lighting is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Welcome to visit us at any time

What’s the warranty of the led outdoor lights?2021-09-13T15:06:18+08:00

We offer a 2-years warranty on all our led outdoor lights. Within warranty time, you can contact us to solve any failure problem.

Can you OEM the led outdoor lights with my logo?2021-09-13T15:07:08+08:00

Yes, we can. We can design the led outdoor lights labels, color boxes, master cartons with your logo if needed.

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