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April 2022

4 Reasons to Make Judeng the Best LED Pool Lights Supplier in 2022

By |2022-05-04T09:07:05+08:00April 22nd, 2022|Newest Articles, Technical Support|

Since 2013, Judeng has been manufacturing led pool lights for more than 9 years, we do the assembling in our own factory and the led pool lights are exported to many different countries around the world. During this period, we have so many satisfied customers, they keep buying from us for years and they are happy to make money from our Judeng’s led pool lights. Some customers suffered a lot the led pool lights failure when buying from other suppliers, then after meeting Judeng, we make them headache free with the stable quality led pool lights. Why does Judeng have confidence with the led pool lights quality? What are the main differences that make Judeng’s swimming pool lights stand out among competitors? Below are some core factors: LED Pool Lights Housing Material is high-quality We use new and anti-corrosion PC material for the pool light housing, making the lamp looks good and won’t turn to be yellow after a certain period of use. Here is a story, one of our customers found the PC cover of the pool lights became super yellow (bought from another supplier)when they took out the lamp from warehouse, those lamps are new without any use but they

February 2022

Troubleshooting: LED Swimming Pool Lights not working?

By |2022-02-22T11:05:59+08:00February 22nd, 2022|Newest Articles, Technical Support|

Swimming is always an activity loved by many people. Thanks to the LED technology development, now we have various kinds of led swimming pool lights for the swimming pool lighting decoration. The led pool lights help increase the security at night, also add a more colorful or active atmosphere to the pools when people enjoy swimming or pool parties at night. However, not like indoor use led bulbs or ceiling lights, led swimming pool lights work under the water, it will bring too much headache when they don’t work. People will feel very frustrated when their pool lights can’t be turned on or be flickering. What should they do? In this article, we will give tips for troubleshooting of led swimming pool lights not working. First of all, we need to understand the basic characteristics of swimming pool lights that work underwater. 1-      LED pool lights have to work under low voltage AC/DC 12V or AC/DC 24V. 2-      The waterproof and dustproof rating has to be at least IP68, or better than IP68, which will be needed in a deep water zone that has big water pressure. 3-      LED pool lights need to work with a low voltage DC power supply or use

November 2021

How to choose the LED types of swimming pool lights?

By |2022-01-12T11:11:48+08:00November 18th, 2021|Newest Articles, Technical Support|

Nowadays, more and more people prefer using LED swimming pool lights to replace incandescent lamps, swimming pool lights with LED light sources have much greater reliability, longer operating life, and lower running costs. What’s more, led pool lights enable people to have more dynamic color-changing effects by remote control or DMX control. However, when people are buying swimming pool lights, they will be a little confused to choose the led swimming pool lights, there are two types of LEDs light sources: SMD or high power LED (usually 1w/pc). What’s the difference between them? which is better for pools? Here we will give some tips. What is a high-power LED swimming pool light? High power chips were widely used in swimming pool lights in the past, usually, the chip is 1W per piece, like an 18w swimming pool light, mostly it has 18pcs 1W Led chips. Most of the high-power pool lights are with the lens on the chips, normally lens angle 30° or 45°. High power LED swimming pool light SMD Swimming pool light    2. What is an SMD Swimming pool light? SMD is short for Surface Mounted Device, SMD size is

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