Project Description

Underwater Fountain Light Floodlight Stainless Steel 6W/12W/18W/24W/36W

High power underwater fountain Light floodlight with stainless steel housing, widely used in pools, ponds, fountains, etc.


  • Stainless steel housing for base-mounted
  • High power 1W Chips 6W-36W
  • IP68 Waterproof used underwater
  • RGB with remote control available


Item No.  Power Size(mm) Input Voltage LED CHIPS Material IP Rating
JD-SD65-S1W 1W φ65*H150 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*1PCS Stainless Steel IP68
JD-SD80-S3W 3W φ82*H150 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*3PCS Stainless Steel IP68
JD-SD120-S6W 6W φ120*H155 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*6PCS Stainless Steel IP68
JD-SD145-S9W 9W φ145*H140 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*9PCS Stainless Steel IP68
JD-SD145-S12W 12W φ160*H140 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*12PCS Stainless Steel IP68
JD-SD180-S15W 15W φ180*H210 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*15PCS Stainless Steel IP68
JD-SD190-S18W 18W φ190*H210 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*18PCS Stainless Steel IP68
JD-SD210-S21W 21W φ210*H210 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*21PCS Stainless Steel IP68
JD-SD230-S36W 36W φ230*H210 AC/DC12V-24V 1W*36PCS Stainless Steel IP68

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