Professional Swimming Pool Lights Manufacturer In China

As a professional swimming pool lights manufacturer in China, Judeng Lighting works closely with foreign outdoor lights wholesalers/distributors/contractors, we offer stable quality & professional support to all our customers. Growing the business together is always our goal. Below are some of our advantages:

  • Monthly Production Capacity is 50,000 units

  • 9 Years Production Experience of Swimming Pool Lights

  • Full Range of Swimming Pool Lights to Meet Market Demand

Swimming pool light aging test

Judeng Lighting has a professional team to support customers all over the world. We have rich experience in exporting our swimming pool lights to different countries. Our team can enable you headache-free while importing led underwater lights from us. Below are the markets we sell to already:

  • Southeast Asia

  • Middle East

  • South America

  • Africa

  • Australia

  • Southern Europe

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Complete Guide: Buying from a swimming pool lights Manufacturer In China

You must be looking for the best swimming pool lights manufacturer & supplier in China, here is the right place.

This may be your first time trying to purchase swimming pool lights from China, or you have purchased them before, but ended up with lamps failure problems. Anyway, we are here to help you start expanding your pool lights business from now on.

Honestly, the company starts producing and exporting swimming pool lights 8 years ago, our shipments were made to various different countries, no failure claims happen till now.

We are confident to cooperate with you and below is the complete guide:

1- What is a swimming pool light?

A swimming pool light is a light source that is used inside a swimming pool to illuminate the underwater environment. There are two main types of swimming pool lights:

  • Halogen bulbs. They are the very traditional choice for people, but not that durable and need regular replacement. Their lifespan is between 2,000-4,000 hours.
  • LED lights. LED swimming pool lights are popular these days as they are more affordable, more durable. They become eco-friendly and a more energy-efficient lighting option today.

Different from other light fixtures, swimming pool lights have to be IP68 waterproof with low voltage, they need to be super safe during being used underwater.

stainless steel swimming pool light

2- What kinds of swimming pool lights Judeng Lighting has?

Based on different concerns about the swimming pool lights, Judeng Lighting has them below:

1 Material:

  1. Stainless Steel Housing: As you may know, most underwater lights should be with stainless steel housing as it is good for water environment use. The materials are anti-rust and anti-corrosion, which can ensure the lamps work well inside the swimming pool lights. However, the cost will be high.
  2. PC / ABS housing: To make the swimming pool lights at a low cost, PC/ABS housing is a good choice. Some people are worrying the material is not that durable and the resin will become too yellow after some months. It depends on the resin used by the swimming pool lights manufacturer. There are still some good quality PC/ABS resin-filled swimming pool lights produced, like Judeng.

2 Mounting ways:

  1. Surface-mounted: For the concrete pools, most of the swimming pool lights are surface-mounted. People need to drill holes onto the concrete pool wall and fix the pool lights by using screws. The advantage of surface-mounted swimming pool lights is the very easy installation, also very time-saving when doing the replacement.
  2. Recessed-mounted: For most fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools, recessed-mounted swimming pool lights are the first choice. People make pre-installation hole on the wall of the pool, then fix the pool lights by recessing.
  3. In-ground-mounted: In-ground-mounted pool lights are mostly used in the pool stairs. They are in small size, not too big wattage. However, some people will use high power inground lights under the pool for illumination too.

3- How does Judeng control the quality of led swimming pool lights?

When people buy swimming pool lights, the most concerning part is the quality. The pool lights are used inside the water and have people swimming around, they should be super safe and create no harm to the people. Another point is that lifespan should be long as maintenance is a headache.

As an experienced swimming pool lights manufacturer in China for more than 8 years, Judeng has a strict quality control process to keep our customers/partners away from failure headaches. Below we explain how we make it:

  • Low voltage DC12V AC12V

All our swimming pool lights are designed and produced with low voltage DC12 or AC12V, they are super safe when working inside the swimming pools.

  • 100% Waterproof with resin-filled

Electrical leakage should be avoided as they are used inside the water. We make all our swimming pool lights IP68 waterproof, we use resin to fill the pool lights, driver, cable hole led chips. The pool light is 100% protected that no water can go inside.

  • Strict Testing inspection during production

We make soaking water testing to all our pool lights produced. We have the IP68 testing machine to simulate the pressure of 15 meters underwater for testing, making sure no damage or water inside the lamps. Every swimming pool light arrive at you will be in stable good quality.

swimming pool lights resin filled

4- What are the reasons that the swimming pool lights don’t work?

It is a headache when you find the swimming pool lights don’t work. If this happens, you need a licensed electrician to find out the issue and fix them. Below are the four most common reasons why the pool lights stop working.

  • Electricity leaking: This happens when the water goes inside the lamps or other parts of the lamp that into the electrical circle. It may be caused by the loose or damaged gasket, or the lamps are not filled with resin.
  • The connection is loose: Loosen screws are one of the common problems that happen to the swimming pool lights. Finding out the loosen one and attaching them firmly again will fix the problem.
  • The pool light bulb is damaged: Some halogen bulbs have reached their limited lifespan and stopped working. The solution should be replacing a new bulb.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: This will happen when you turn on the pool lights and it is immediately tripped. Find a licensed electrician to check the safety switch installation and fix the problem.

5- How to install swimming pool lights?

swimming pool light installation
swimming pool light installation

6- What should I do if the swimming pool lights don’t work?

If you find the swimming pool lights can not turn on, or flickering, you can start with some simple check first.

Firstly and the most important step is to turn off the power supply, and take the lamps out from your swimming pool lights. Check if there is water inside the lamps, 80% of swimming pool lights failures are caused by the poor waterproof function, the water goes inside and damages the electrical parts.

If there is no water inside, probably the LEDs are burned or drivers are damaged with improper voltage input, or the wire connection inside was not made firm enough, they are loosened.

It is not safe for people to fix the swimming pool lights by themselves, at any time your pool lights fail, please contact a licensed electrician to fix them or send them back to the swimming pool lights manufacturer to fix.

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