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2204, 2022

4 Reasons to Make Judeng the Best LED Pool Lights Supplier in 2022

Since 2013, Judeng has been manufacturing led pool lights for more than 9 years, we do the assembling in our own factory and the led pool lights are exported to many different countries around the world. During this period, we have so many satisfied customers, they keep buying from us for years and they are happy to make money from our Judeng’s led pool lights. Some customers suffered a lot the led pool lights failure when

2202, 2022

Troubleshooting: LED Swimming Pool Lights not working?

Swimming is always an activity loved by many people. Thanks to the LED technology development, now we have various kinds of led swimming pool lights for the swimming pool lighting decoration. The led pool lights help increase the security at night, also add a more colorful or active atmosphere to the pools when people enjoy swimming or pool parties at night. However, not like indoor use led bulbs or ceiling lights, led swimming pool

1811, 2021

How to choose the LED types of swimming pool lights?

Nowadays, more and more people prefer using LED swimming pool lights to replace incandescent lamps, swimming pool lights with LED light sources have much greater reliability, longer operating life, and lower running costs. What’s more, led pool lights enable people to have more dynamic color-changing effects by remote control or DMX control. However, when people are buying swimming pool lights, they will be a little confused to choose the led swimming pool lights, there are two

2510, 2021

How to produce resin filled swimming pool lights?

As we all know, the quality of swimming pool lights depends largely on whether their waterproof performance is good, as they need to work underwater. At present, most pool light manufacturers will fill the pool light with resin, it is one of the most effective waterproof methods done to the underwater pool lights. So what is resin filling? Below, we made a video to explain how we do resin filling to the swimming pool lights.

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